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Initial thoughts on Jekyll

Posted by Chris Lapa on December 8, 2014

Previously I have always hosted my websites using some sort of dynamic CMS such as Joomla or Wordpress. Whilst they are both fantastic platforms, they traditionally require a lot of management. Instead I decided to switch to Jekyll - a static blogging platform which can be hosted for free by Github!


Locally install Jekyll:

gem install github-pages

This gets you a similar setup to Github Pages, thus allowing hosting locally for testing.

jekyll serve --watch

The above command launches builds and launches the site. Beware if your site has other prerequisites such a less scripts then you will have to build those if they change.

Pick a theme:

The Jekyll Github page has some nice themes here. Experiment locally with this theme. When you are happy, push to Github.

Build scripts:

Consider setting up a build script to make your life easier. For example, at the time of writing the build script for this site generates any Javascript, CSS and then launches the site locally.

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